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Canyon Leader

We run our five day courses in 2024 over two weekends to make it easier for people in full-time work to attend.


15th - 16th - 17th March and then complete the course 23rd-24th March 2024 (One place available)

Next course: 20th-22nd & 28-29th September 2024

(Three Places available)


Introduction to Canyoning

20TH-21ST APRIL 2024 / 25th-26th May 2024 / 15th-16th June


Gorge & Ghyll Leader Training

DATES:27th-28th April 2024

Canyoning Courses with Vertical Skills

Vertical Skills
Vertical Skills

Canyoning is an exciting adventure sport that has rapidly developed over the past couple of decades. Canyoning is now recognised as its own unique sport, with its own techniques, equipment and standards.

Our training programme and courses are designed for anyone who wants to learn and develop their skills in canyoning. The UKCA delivers training courses, assessments and workshops. All the training is aimed at both a recreational and professional level. The professional training and certification programme is designed for skilled canyoneers who wish to lead commercial or organised groups both here in the UK and internationally.

The courses have been created by professional experts and trainers to give you the most up to date skills and knowledge supported by outstanding online resources. The courses are progressional, covering all aspects of canyoning and are delivered by a highly skilled and experienced training team.

Vertical Skills
Vertical Skills

Introduction to Canyoning


The UKCA Introduction to Canyoning is the first level of recreational certification within the UKCA award scheme. This is a fun introductory award for canyoning designed for the

entry-level beginner canyoneer.


A successful candidate will be able to join an easy/moderate canyon descent.


This course is supported by the V7 Academy online training resource. This is an introductory online resource covering the full syllabus of the practical course.


Assessor: UKCA Canyon Instructor or above.

Duration: 2 Days

Price: £220pp

Prerequisite: Min age 14yrs. Good level of fitness and ability to swim.

Membership: No membership required.

Canyon Leader

Canyon Leader provides students with the skills and knowledge to take a lead role with competent piers in canyons rated up to moderate risk (V3A3ii). Five-day course *supported by V7 Academy level 2 online training resource.

The UKCA Canyon Leader is the second level of recreational certification within the UKCA training scheme. This workshop-style training course is designed for a student who has experienced canyoning before on a lead trip and wishes to gain the skills and knowledge to lead competent piers in (up to) a moderate risk canyon.


On completion of the course, the student will have the skills and knowledge to lead competent canyoneers through a canyon rated up to V3.A3.II (Medium Risk). The graduate will be comfortable in canyon environments, demonstrating anticipatory skills for reducing risk to themselves and their teammates. The student will understand and implement safe and efficient rigging solutions in a moderate risk environment.


This is not a professional guiding course. The canyon leader training course is designed for recreational canyoneers who wish to lead other competent team members in a moderate risk canyon (>V3A3ii) The UKCA does not endorse this course for students to use for guiding paying customers.


The Canyon Leader is supported by the V7 Academy level 2 online training course. Upon registering for the Canyon Leader training course, the student will get free access to the V7 Level 2 online training.

This video-based course covers in-depth all the theoretical and practical elements of the course, this gives the student prior knowledge and familiarisation with the course syllabus, theory and techniques. For the student to be successful in this training course it is important the student studies all the theoretical elements of the course on the online platform.


Assessor: UKCA Trainer or above

Duration: 5 Days

Price: £640pp


Must be 16 years or older.

Good level of fitness and swimming ability.

UKCA recommends the student has some experience of being part of a lead canyoning group. The student should be familiar with abseiling and setting up a descender.

Membership: Free Membership.

Recreational Membership is available.

Gorge Ghyll Leader Award (GGL)

Aims of Award

To promote best practice for Gorge and Ghyll leadership within the UK. Successful performance during assessment indicates that the candidate has the skill level required to lead groups in appropriate locations within the Gorge/Ghyll leader grading system.

The Gorge & Ghyll Leader Award will provide a training & assessment scheme for individuals who wish to take responsibility for others in the Gorge/Ghyll environment.

This will benefit Instructors, freelance instructors, mangers and employers who wish to ensure a high standard of safety and expertise in this open environment.

The award will also serve as a valuable training opportunity for those who wish to visit venues for recreation.

Confines & Remit of the Award

The remit a Gorge Ghyll Leader may operate in is a maximum grade of 2B.

Terrain/Technical Rope Work

2 – Basic Canyoning / Gorge Walking / Gill Scrambling

Scrambling, easy vertical or near vertical climbing and/or down-climbing requiring frequent use of hands.

Rope recommended for hand lines, belays, lowering packs and possible emergency use. Travel is possible up or down canyon. See route description for more information.

Water Volume & Current

B – Normally has water with moderate current. Water hazards – small hydraulics which require caution.


Price: £260pp

Vertical Skills

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